The Very Best of Ruskin Bond ~ The Writer on the Hill ~

Author: Ruskin Bond  Book Rating: 4/5  Ruskin Bond is an evergreen writer. One can read his books anytime and feel good. This book is a collection of his fictions and non-fictions. It has a total of 63 short stories out of which 26 are fictions while 37 are non-fictions.  I haven’t read any non-fiction by... Continue Reading →

The Outliers

Author: Malcom Gladwell  Book Rating: 3/5 Like every coin has two sides, this book too can be read with two prospectives. Gladwell gladly tells the readers that opportunity plays a very important role in achieving success. The successful people are not successful just because they are intelligent. They are successful because of certain ‘things’. This... Continue Reading →

Love In A Headscarf

Author: Shelina Zahra Janmohamed Book Rating: 2/5 It’s a memoir by Shelina, an Indian origin muslim in London. This book is not just about her search to find a husband who also accepts her with her headscarf. It is also a learning about Quran, Allah and Prophet Muhammad.  She has mentioned some of her interactions... Continue Reading →

A Fine Balance

Author: Rohinton Mistry Book Rating: 4.5/5 It is a fiction with a background of Emergency in India. A story of grief and solitude. How a single woman struggles hard to survive on her own, trusting strangers who later become family. The barbaric caste system that was practised earlier, especially, on the ‘chamaar’. The atrocities were... Continue Reading →

She Said

Author: Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey Book Rating: 5/5 “A prime mission of journalism was to give voice to the voiceless, to those who were often ignored.” If I were to describe this book in one word, it would definitely have to be - POWERFUL. This book is a compilation of three years of reporting... Continue Reading →

Reporter – A Memoir

Author: Seymour M Hersh Book Rating: 4/5 Seymour M Hersh is a veteran American investigative journalist with an experience of around five decades. In approximately 300 pages, Hersh tries to sum up his journey so far and some noteworthy lessons to the journalists across the globe. One such lesson being: “Stories are never too long... Continue Reading →

The Time Traveler’s Wife

Author: Audrey Niffenegger Book Rating: 4/5 “I hate to be where she is not, when she is not. And yet, I am always going, and she can not follow.” How are you going to survive if the person you love the most vanishes without any heads-up or warning? You don’t even know when is the... Continue Reading →

The Forest of Enchantments

Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni  Book Rating: 3.5/5  The Forest of Enchantments is the story about Indian mythological characters Sita and Ram. Many of us, in India, grew up watching Ramayan on TV. This book also tells a similar story but in a refreshing manner. How? This is Sitayan, the story told by Sita. The protagonist... Continue Reading →

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